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Sunday, October 19, 2014

18 October, 2014 - Home again, home again, jiggity jog.

This morning we left Rawlins and headed for home. It is a bit fitting that the first night of this trip was spent in Rawlins, as was the last.  When we started out on this long trip and stopped here for the night,  we found that there were no good places to eat in the town and the one place with a 4 star rating had gone out of business.  This night coming home, things hadn't changed. There was a recommended Mexican place, about 6 miles out of town, but not much else.  So we had a good Pizza Hut pizza in the room and called it a night.
The drive from Rawlins is easy on I-80 and we just put it in gear and headed out. This is country we have traveled many times and so we did not have a lot of new stuff to see that was within reasonable distance from the freeway.  I must confess that today we did not look too hard for something special.  I took no pictures but we stopped in Green River to find a photo op for Freddy the Falcon.  I was surprised to see a number of sculptures along the main street and we found a great bronze horse for the photo.  We also took a shot of Freddy at the Utah Visitor's Center west of Evanston in Echo Canyon.  Otherwise, it was make it home.  We are now back in our lovely home, happy to be here.  We left on September 22nd and returned on October 18th, a total of 27 days.  It was a great trip (and listen to Mom roll her eyes) and I could go again very soon.  But for now, we will stay home, get ready for the winter and the holidays and rejoice in seeing family again. 

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